Social Services

Our Social Services has a distinctive approach. It partners with corporate bodies, PSUs and international development organisations for direct implementation of various initiatives in target locations. It differs from the Social Venture Philosophy model of Smile Foundation in which community based organisations are identified, handheld and made sustainable for implementing the projects on the ground.

The distinct approach of Outreach serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it facilitates a better understanding of the ground realities and challenges encountered in the implementation of a project. Secondly, it also assists the corporate houses, PSUs and international agencies in fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate.

Through Outreach, Smile Foundation implements a variety of intervention projects. Education is provided to underprivileged children living in remote areas, under Mission Education. Well-equipped mobile hospital units with medical expertise, services and medicines traverse across deserts, forest tracts, hilly terrain and urban bylanes to bring affordable, accessible and accountable healthcare, under smile on Wheels programme.

Besides this,
Health Camps,
Integrated Community Development and
Infrastructure Development projects ensure overall welfare.