Cancer Care

Cancer / Tumor is a perplexing gathering of sicknesses with numerous conceivable causes. A few sorts of disease keep running in specific families, yet most tumors are not unmistakably connected to the qualities we acquire from our folks. Tumor is a class of maladies portrayed by wild cell development. There are more than 100 distinct sorts of disease, and each is arranged by the kind of cell that is at first influenced.

Growth hurts the body when modified cells separate wildly to frame protuberances or masses of tissue called tumors (with the exception of on account of leukemia where disease restricts ordinary blood work by unusual cell division in the circulation system). Tumors can develop and meddle with the stomach related, anxious, and circulatory frameworks, and they can discharge hormones that modify body work. Tumors that stay in one spot and exhibit restricted development are by and large thought to be considerate.

More risky, or threatening, tumors frame when two things happen:

A malignant cell figures out how to move all through the body utilizing the blood or lymphatic frameworks, crushing sound tissue in a procedure called attack

That phone figures out how to separate and develop, making fresh recruits vessels to bolster itself in a procedure called angiogenesis.

At the point when a tumor effectively spreads to different parts of the body and develops, attacking and annihilating other sound tissues, it is said to have metastasized. This procedure itself is called metastasis, and the outcome is a genuine condition that is exceptionally hard to treat.

What do we do on Cancer:

  • Cancer Awareness Programs
  • Cancer Treatment

Cancer Awareness Objectives:

  • To make consciousness of the ailment.
  • To help individuals perceive the early signs and side effects of tumor, in this way empowering them to look for treatment at an early stage. The program urges the members to look for provoke medicinal consideration for indications which may incorporate irregularities, injuries, dying, dryness, weight reduction and persevering acid reflux/hack/torment, and so forth.
  • To teach individuals about the key hazard elements of malignancy since over 30% of disease cases could be forestalled by changing way of life or staying away from the key hazard components.
  • To educate individuals about the significance of growth registration at an early stage and to propel them to profit of tumor registration administrations at an extremely ostensible cost through the Cancer Detection Center and Mobile Cancer Detection Centers

Cancer Treatment:

We found natural medicines to cure cancer, if it has been detected at the early stage. Out of our 30 years of experience, we found the solutions to treat the cancer patient. However, there are certain food restrictions should be very strictly followed during the treatment time. We have provided treatment to 200+ people, out of which atleast 150+ people have been rescued from this disease.